The culture of happiness

SYT is a mobile app with the mission to build strong interactions between colleagues that share the same interests, passions and values. Using our App the employees are encouraged to find or organize real life events inside the company that correspond to their specific interests. This creates an ongoing community-building process across teams and departments, strengthening the corporate culture from the bottom up.

SYT also integrates volunteering events organized by established Foundations and Associations, which gives employees an extra sense of purpose and fulfillment.


Customize personal interests and passions

Create groups and events around those interests

Follow other users or join groups and events from your organization

Search or get personalized suggestions for activities

Messaging tool for quick communication

To do lists with possibility of assigning tasks to participants

Optimized decision making by using polls

Reminders and notifications


  • Simplify and accelerate the integration of new recruits
  • Improve your employer branding
  • Empower the employees to be actors of the CSR strategy
  • Increase the individual happiness at work and trust in their peers
  • Encourage the cross-department communication and knowledge exchange
  • Stimulate innovation and boost productivity
  • Decrease the likelihood of employee turnover